There are no government locksmith training requirements  to become a locksmith in Colorado. Additionally, you do not have to obtain a Colorado locksmith license in order to provide lockout services in the state. Despite the states lack of regulation, there are ways of presenting your credibility as a locksmith in Colorado to your customers. For example, though you will have no license to carry, there are three locksmith associations in Colorado that you can register with – each of which have different admission requirements. Additionally, you must comply with the local business licensing and zoning requirements in your municipality, so be sure to find out if you need a local business license.

Keep in mind that though Colorado provides little accountability for the profession, customers will hold you to a standard. You’ll build a client base easiest through good customer service and word of mouth. Apprentice under another locksmith to learn the trade, or take a Colorado locksmith training course online before you decide to start your own business. Furthermore, you should protect your business and your assets by insuring yourself and your business with liability coverage in case a customer sues you for property damage. Be prepared, and stay aware of local and state laws. You never know when the state legislature could opt to regulate locksmith careers in Colorado by implementing training requirements or state registration, as many other states have already done.

The best way to stay prepared and aware of changing laws and Colorado locksmith requirements is by joining an association of locksmiths in your state. Though you may have to pay yearly dues, it will be well-worth the information and camaraderie you gain from building relationships with other state residents in your profession. You can help each other stay up to date on the latest changes and toss around ideas for marketing and gaining customer loyalty.

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